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After finishing the "General" section we now come to the "Files" section.

Files > Locations section

Task locations

First specify the source location. This is the root folder that contains the files and sub-folders you want to backup.

Then specify the target location. This is the folder where all files will be back-upped.

For both locations you can use a directory browser by pressing the "Browse" button.

Once you specified the target folder the "Type" description will be filled with one of the following directives:

  • Network: the target is located on a network share.
  • Removable:the target is located on any removable media such as USB key, SD card...
  • DVD:the target is located on a writable DVD or CD disk
  • Fixed: the target drive is located on a physical hardrive in your pc. This is not recommended.
  • Unknown: the system could not determine the type of device.
    This happens when the device is not available (such as detached network drive or unplugged USB key)


At this time the "Next" button has changed into a "Save" button. This means that enough information is available and you can end the configuration of your task here.

Press "Save" to save the task.

If the device type of the target is any other than Fixed, Yadis! Backup will ask you if you trust this location outside your PC.

If you acknowledge then the target location will be validated and it will be recognised upon reconnection

Ask to trust the target

For more information on what the purpose of target validation is, see What is Target Validation.

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