This section will explain how to create a new backup task.

When Yadis! Backup starts for the first time and you finished the initial settings wizard, you get to the main screen of Yadis:

First task

Click the "New" button to start creating a new backup task.
The "New task" screen that appears depends on the choice you made in the initial settings wizard.
If you specified "I think I am a novice" then you will get the basic options for a new task,
else if you specified "I am an expert" then you will get both basic and advanced options presented.

Let's start with the basic options:

General > Type section

Standard task creation

You can choose between a "General" task, a "backup your Windows Favorites" task or a "Ftp" task.

At this point we'll discuss the "General" task.

Task mode is set to standard because of the "I think I am a novice" choice. Click here if you want to jump to the advanced section.

Once you checked the "General Task"press Next.

General > Name section

Task Name entry

In this section you specify the name for your task and a short description.

The name will be shown in the main screen of Yadis, so choose a name that represents the purpose of this task well.

Next > The "Files" section.