Why do I get the following dialog box:

Yadis! Backup is already running!

There are mainly two reasons why youcan get this warning:

1) You manually started Yadis after it already was started through the startup options.

If this is the case then simply click the OK button and the second instance will terminate.

2) Yadis was started twice by Windows at startup because of a configuration issue.

- Maybe Yadis was added to the startup folder of your account (Start >All Programs > Startup).

=> Remove it from the startup folder. It will be started from the Windows startup mechanism.

- Maybe something went wrong when switching from single user to all user mode.

=> Open Yadis, go to the settings menu, choose general settings and press the save button. This will reset the startup options.

If non of these two actions help, please consult the Yadis startup details here (for advanced Windows user).

If you want to know why you can't start Yadis twice, then check this section.