Taking backups alone is not enough!

It is important to manually check the consistency of your backup regularly.
Furthermore it is also important to check the health of your backup device.
Imaging losing some data, trying to recover the files from your backup and finding the backup device to be death, files being corrupt or missing.
Any software can fail, any hardware can die.

Therefore it is really important that you verify your backupped files from time to time.

Yadis! Backup assists you in this by prompting you to do so every 3 months.

Here are some tips you can use to check your backup:

  1. connect to the backup device.
  2. if the device supports it, check the S.M.A.R.T data
  3. compare the number of files and directories by right-clicking the root folder in explorer and choosing "properties"
    Important: "size on disk" may differ a bit because the two drives may have different cluster settings.
    If the different is big then you should investigate to find the cause of this.
  4. you can use some third party software to compare folders and find missing and changed files 

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