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Do you want to use and test the latest version of Yadis! Backup?
Then get the beta version here:


Many thanks to Steve Thackery for being beta tester!


- You should not use any beta product for the backup of important data!
You can find the latest production version here.

Q & A:

Q) Can I backup my current Yadis! Backup installation and revert in case of trouble?
A) No, not yet, though there are plans to create a installation backup/restore functionality for Yadis! Backup.

Q) Can I reinstall an older (production) version if the beta version causes trouble.
A) Yes you can, though your settings files might be upgraded to reflect new functionality in the beta version.
No guarantees can be given that your tasks will still run properly.
You can however make a manual copy of your settings before upgrading to the beta version.
These are the files you should backup/restore:
- On XP:
C:\Program Files\Codessentials\Yadis
C:\Documents and Settings\[user name]\Application data\Codessentials\Yadis

- On Vista:
C:\Program Files\Codessentials\Yadis
C:\Users\[user name]\AppData\Roaming\Codessentials\Yadis
C:\Users\[user name]\AppData\Local\Codessentials\Yadis.exe_[number of characters]

Q) How can I report issues found in the beta version?
A) Please visit the support section and mention the beta version of the product.

Change log: ( 2010 August 24)
- Customer Issue examination for deleting Task configuration. ( 2010 August 12)
- Bug fix for WebClient connect on Win7 x86. ... 1.9.10.x ( 2010 April 20 ...)
- Bug fix attempts for WebClient connect on Win7 x86. ( 2010 April 20 )
- New: Menu Settings>Messages now allowes to send a report to Codessentials. ( 2010 April 16 )
- New: Yadis! can now report exceptions autonomous to Codessentials. ( 2010 April 15 )
- Mod: Package now contains symbol files for additional logging information. ( 2010 April 6 )
- Mod: OS version is now written to the logfile upon first start and upon upgrade. ( 2010 April 3 )
- Mod: New startup mechanism prevents application button to appear briefly in the taskbar.
- Mod: Changed logic to access logfile: check existance of both path and file and (re)create if needed.
- Mod: Installer now creates log folder and initial log file.
- Tmp: Added extra logging to find bug in evaluation processor. ( 2010 March 29 )
- Mod: Edit, Delete, Start, Stop, Info and Restore buttons are now disabled if no task is selected.
- Mod: Right-click on a task now reflects the correct running state of the task.
- Fix: When deleting a task the status-update thread is now canceled first.
- Fix: Some spelling errors. ( 2010 March 21 )
- Mod:  asynchronious drive type detection.
- Fix: "View log" failed if no log file present.
- Mod: some new icons  ( 2010 March 16 )
- Fix: some minor reported bugs.
- Mod: reorganized some sections, added missing scrollbars.
- Mod: added some additional features to the logging.
- Fix: minor bug in initial date calculation of Drive Health Check notifier.
- New: Filter events can be specified (Size, Attributes,...)
- Fix: error logging of missing default app properties removed
- Fix: fixed deleting of old backup folder after renaming of task
- Mod: stripped out old backlog to registry mechanism

- New: Drive Health Check notifier
- Fix: Update of an existing backlog file secured: catch of race condition.
- Fix: Info > Backlog: listview list type changed to details reason box: added scrollbar
- Fix: old Flx Filter file was not deleted on task rename
- Fix: Backlog files and folder are now deleted to if the task is deleted.